How To Make Money Using Google Adsense

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Revenue generation is a major concern for online businesses and this is where Google AdSense comes in. Launched in 2003, the famous advertising program matches advertisers with website owners to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. The concept is really simple, as in website owners sign up for a Google AdSense account and then add some approved code into their website pages and viola, they start earning money. If you are wondering what’s the relevance of ads displayed on your website than its related to your particular content and the previous search history of visitors.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Google AdSense and how the program works for you. There are 2 million-plus publishers that use AdSense to earn money via Advertising. The best thing about the program is that you don’t have to worry about marketing your ad space and vetting potential advertisers to attain the best fit for your website. AdSense works seamlessly to analyze advertiser bids, placements, and earn you hard cash. The closest example is driving an automatic car, meaning you just start the ignition and put it into a driving gear. Apart from steering the program, you don’t have to do much more.

Essentials for AdSense

Website traffic is the key to earning big bucks from Google AdSense. This comes in two forms; first up you need fresh visitors and second, you benefit from repeat visitors. The path to obtaining both of them is simply publishing engaging and fresh content. Google provides clear guidelines about this type of content and additionally focuses on page load efficiency, website interface, navigation ease, transparency, etc. Your website might have good features on desktop browsers but haven’t fine-tuned the mobile version yet. No worries, as Google provides online resources to check your website on both platforms and alert you to any issues about user experience. To check website loading speed click here.

How much can you earn?

If we are going for any job, the first question on our minds is what are the earnings? Fair enough and Google doesn’t hesitate to provide an estimate of AdSense earnings. For exact information you can visit here and the website enables you to 1) choose your region and 2) define the category/niche. For this purpose, I selected North America as a region, and Computers and Electronics as a niche. If a website has 50,000 monthly page views, then annual AdSense revenue is approx. USD 4,530. The final earning varies according to the selected region and niche. When I chose Computers and Electronics for Asia and Pacific countries, the earning amount for the same number of page views increased by $1,000. I didn’t get a chance to review every region and niche but random selection showed that the Finance niche was a heavy earner and the annual revenue in Asia and Pacific was $12,708 for 50,000 monthly views.

Google Adsense logo with a money bag

If you are starting a blog or website and are looking for which audience and niche can provide the highest earnings than you should definitely check out this calculator. Granted that the final niche might not be what you were originally looking to develop a website for, but to put things in perspective; a book and literature niche would yield only $2,418 per annum. Instead of building a website and finding out how much it earns, it’s better to research high paying regions and niche first and then develop the website accordingly.

Once again, the information provided is tentative only and depends on multiple factors like user location, advertiser demand, type of device, ad size, seasonality, exchange rates, etc. Google has provided a disclaimer about the actual earnings and therefore the estimates should be considered with a pinch of salt.

High earning websites

Not all websites are created equal and each website requires different forms of content to succeed. Having said that, 3 types of websites are favored by the AdSense program and you are better off sticking with them if you want to earn consistently.

  1. A blog

The best thing about a blog is that the content is always fresh and attracts new visitors, who in turn visit consistently. For some, this can mean hourly posts, and others might issue engaging content on a monthly basis. The number of contributors and the time editors has to review and publish content is very critical in this context. The Google Display Planner provides information about the number of visitors per month. AdSense banners are displayed in various places like the blog’s header and footer and between major post categories.

  • Forum site

Compared to a blog, a successful forum website already features thousands of visitors and maybe a million posts. The concept of a forum also appeals to our palate because we can find a forum that appeals to us and is already AdSense approved. One example is HubPages wherein you can post content on any topic that appeals to you and subsequently get your page AdSense approved. Other forums also exist like dog lovers or cat lovers where you can mention your favorite pet peeves and start discussions. When people start discussing your topic, they are more liable to click on AdSense ads related to your content.

  • Free online site tool

What if you are offering something unique and that appeals to different communities. If your website creates GIFs or Memes than teenagers will surely flock to it. Similarly, professionals will appreciate tools like PDF to Excel converter, etc.  The upfront investment is higher because you have to hire a developer but the long-term earnings are well worth it. Apart from AdSense earnings, you can also introduce a paid version of the tool with enhances features.

The 3 rules to AdSense success

Having discussed earning potential and the type of websites that suit the AdSense program, we will now discuss the common success factors that Google specifically mentions for AdSense success.

  1. Apart from the earning factor, the final topic that your website focuses on will attract traffic. This means keeping up with the latest trends and figuring out what people are searching for. Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner will inform you whether the chosen topic generates enough traffic on a consistent basis. If you are focusing on ‘tablet computers,’ then the tool will inform you about monthly traffic for this keyword. Next up, Google Webmaster guidelines will help identify the keyword’s placement on your website.
  2. Visitor engagement is essential for lucrative AdSense revenue. You have to create engaging content that keeps visitors coming back for more and only then will they click on any ads placed on your website. If website traffic is declining then you need to freshen up your content or improve your online tool.
  3. The third constant is that you have to improve your website ranking by promoting it on social media and other forums. Gaining shares and backlinks means that Google will automatically improve its search rank and hence make it more visible for users. This is a constant process and you can’t take any breaks from the job.

I hope this article provided some much-needed insights into the Google AdSense program. Do share your comments and let me know if I can help with any queries.

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